From the windswept Great Thar Desert in Rajasthan (the land of kings) in northwestern India comes Rhythm of Rajasthan with its mesmerizing music and dance. The musicians, from the Langa and Manghaniyar hereditary groups of itinerant entertainers, perform a program of vibrant and joyous folk music, encompassing driving percussion, ecstatic Sufi songs, and hypnotic sarangi (bowed lute) and algoza (double flute). They are joined by the famed Sua Devi, a dancer in the film Latcho Drom, who performs the sensuous Kalbeliya Sapera snake-charming dance and the spectacular Bhavai folk dance.

Saturday, September 26

Desert Caravan: Rhythm of Rajasthan - NY Debut

at Symphony Space
Broadway at 95th Street
New York City

Co-presented with World Music Institute

$30 Tickets at
WMI (212) 545-7536 and Box office (212) 864-5400