The cultural inheritance of gypsy music is both vast and complex. When you speak about "gypsy music" you are drawing from a diaspora of countries and ethnicities where centuries-old history goes hand in hand with new innovations. The challenge for us, every year, is to keep up with the tradition's constant reinvention while not forgetting its roots: to give equal consideration to venerated legends and fiery upstarts, the urbane to the rustic, to Gypsy jazz and Gypsy punk alike.

In this, our fifth year programming the NY Gypsy Festival, we are extremely proud to say that we have achieved such balance. From the roots of the Romani people in India, to the Hungarian pop charts; from an American indie rock super-group to an internationally acclaimed Turkish clarinet virtuoso; from refined and contemporary post-bop jazz to riotous everything-but-the-kitchen-sink celebrations; every show in the NY Gypsy Festival's 5th year anniversary is must-hear music. We offer you the culture of a people and hope that you welcome them, as we do, with open arms.

Serdar Ilhan and Mehmet Dede
NY Gypsy Festival Producers