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“Accompanying Wanderers at Heart: From Jazz to Hip-Hop, New York Gypsy Festival Showcases Acts Honoring the Musical Range of the Roma People”
by Tad Hendrickson (Wall Street Journal)
“Year after year, the NY Gypsy Festival remains one of New York’s most consistently exciting concert series”
by Alan Young (Lucid Culture Blog)
“Your perfect weekend ... Strap on your dancing shoes to celebrate the seventh annual NY Gypsy Festival”
by Time Out NY
“Loud And Proud
No one parties like a gypsy”

by Angela Ashman (Village Voice)
“A Gypsy Soul That´s Bittersweet but a Heart That Beats to Swing”
by Jon Pareles (NY Times)
“Living Like Gypsies
All over the world, people are embracing the culture of the Roma people through music, films, festivals and plays”

by Ginanne Brownell and Amber Haq (Newsweek)
“Hutz to the Rescue
Gogol Bordello's mastermind single-handedly improves your boring life”

by Tricia Romano (Village Voice)
“Scene of the Year: Gypsy Rock”
by Lindsey Thomas (Spin Magazine)
“The new bohemians
At a recent festival, the next generation of Gypsy musicians proves the hard-to-pin-down sound has found new life”

by Robert Christgau (Salon.com)
“Global Gypsy party
From being persecuted to celebrating their roots, old and new Roma musicians come to the region for two week music festival”

by Marty Lipp (The Star-Ledger)
“New York´s annual Gypsy Festival finds a new name and a permanent home”
by Tom Pryor (National Geographic)
“A sold-out room full of unpretentious, multi-ethnic twentysomethings, a throwback to Saturday nights at Mehanata ten years ago”
by Alan Young (Lucid Culture Blog)
“Beirut´s indie take on Old World is a glimpse at the Gypsy music experience”
by Amre Klimchak (NY Press)
“Baba Zula at Drom
Istanbul band Baba Zula opened the Droma Gypsy Festival with a rousing two hour show”

by Rob Weisberg (WNYC Blog)
“This festival's producers do a commendable job, gathering a geographically and stylistically diverse group of Gypsy-touched artists.”
- New York Times



“Gypsy music that spans the mind as well as the globe.”
by Tom Pryor (National Geographic)
“It’s impossible to pick just one highlight of this excellent bill of Gypsy music, but the newsiest is Mahala Rai Banda, a Romanian group making its American debut.”
by Ben Sisario (NY Times)
“Music inspired by people on the move … already billed as the largest Gypsy music event of the year”
by NJ Star-Ledger
“Best of the Fests 2009”
- Time Out NY
“The Gypsies Are Coming! ...So, Who Are the Gypsies?”
by Mona Molarsky (Examiner.com)
“NY Gypsy Festival - 2009 event & much-earlier kick-off party”
on Brooklyn Vegan
“Preview of the NY Gypsy Festival” (video)
on LinkTV
“2006 Gypsy Music Festival Takes New York By Storm”
on Global Rhythm Magazine
“New York Gypsy Festival Arrives”
on Gothamist
“Run don´t walk to these performances. And don´t forget your tambourines and joie-de-vivre.”
- Village Voice
“The Gypsy Festival returns, bringing tons of artists from around the world playing a range of music from contemporary Gypsy music to electronica to jazz.”
- Paper Magazine
“A ferocious bill. Be ready to get some exercise.”
- Time Out NY
“[A] runaway success ... 10 days of unparalleled international revelry.”
- Flavorpill
“DJs spinning souped-up versions of old European folk songs have been drawing crowds in Europe and in the US for the past several years. Now, the scene has spread to other places.”
“A James Bond scene in a Transylvanian nightclub with fabulous people, music, and dance.”
- Newyorkcool.com
“Predictably excellent.”
- Lucid Culture Blog